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Men's Day

2018 Wednesday Men's Game

Hey Guys!
Check in weekly for results!
I'll do my best to get them loaded the night of play, but if not, they should always be up Thursday!
Wednesday, March 21, 2018, day 1:     Click HERE for RESULTS
Wednesday, April 4, 2018, day 2:  Click HERE for RESULTS
Wednesday, April 11, 2018, day 3:  Click HERE for RESULTS
I did not record the duece pot within the results, because I elected to pay Mark Mathews a "double deuce" for his hole-in-one. Therefore, deuce pot results are as follows:  Mark Mathews, $50.00 for his hole-in-one on 16; Randy Williams, $25.00, for his deuce on 9 (great deuce!); Pat Harris, $25.00 for his deuce on 14, and; Travis Becker, $25.00 for his deuce on 14. Great job, guys! 
 Wednesday, April 18, 2018, day 4:  Click HERE for Results
Next week will be our first "Stag Day" of the year. We will go off in a 1:00 shotgun. I hope this promotes some fun and socializing with guys you might not otherwise see on a regular basis. See you then!
Wednesday, April 25, 2018, STAG DAY!
For results from the Stag Day team game:  Click HERE for Results
The deuces and skins will be posted under a separate hyperlink later tonight or in the morning!! Thanks so much for playing!
Wednesday, April 25, 2018, STAG DAY DEUCES AND SKINS!
For results of deuces and skins from Stag Day, 4-25-18: Click HERE for Results
Wednesday, May 2, 2018, day 6: Click HERE for Results
 Wednesday, May 9, 2018, day 7: Click HERE for Results
 Wednesday, May 16, 2018, day 8: Click HERE for Results
I did not record the duece pot within the results, because I elected to pay Mark Mathews a "double deuce" for his hole-in-one. (How weird is it that I could copy and paste this from five weeks ago???) Therefore, deuce pot results are as follows:  Mark Mathews, $50.00 for his hole-in-one on 14; Chris Linton $50.00 (2 deuces), Kim Johnson, $25.00, Pat Harris $25.00 and Travis Becker $25.00. Great job all, but Mark... WOW!!!
Wednesday, May 23, 2018, day 9: Click HERE for Results
Next Wednesday is STAG DAY!!
1:00 P.M. Shotgun Start!!
Wednesday, May 30, 2018, day 10: 
Today was a great Stag Day!! Thanks for all the support.  For results, click below. HOWEVER, BEFORE YOU DO...
Take note that the money division is incorrect because I set up two tournaments (net and gross), but the same people can't win both.
Therefore, actual pro shop credit results are:
1st: Loren Smith, $88.00,
T2: Josh Graham and Ron Vosika, $43.50
1st: Eli Bebout, $88.00
2nd: Bill Rouse, $52.00
3rd: Chris Thomas, $35.00
Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Day 11:
Another great day.
I decided to add a $10.00 pro shop credit prize to low gross and low net each day we have a team game.
This week's low gross score was carded by Lee Stewart. with a 73. RB Thomas had the low net score with a 67 (actually Lee also had low net with 66, but he can't win both!).  PJ shot a fantastic 65 today, too...
Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Day 12:
Thanks again for another great men's day. 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018, Day 13: 
Another great men's day in the books! Sorry for the delay in getting the posting up.
Today's low gross winner is Chris Pendergraft with a 75 and the low net winner is Josh Graham with a 65 (Bill Rouse and Walt Stickles had great rounds, with 66 and 69, respectively!). Great job, guys!
For complete results:
Wednesday, June 27, 2018, Day 14:
Another great stag day is in the books!
Thanks everyone for playing and for complete results:
Wednesday, July 4, 2018, Day 15:
July 4th was a great day for both the Flag Day Tournaments and Men's Day.
Flag Day Individual results:
1st, Carlo Shakespeare, $100 pro shop credit
2nd, Brian Blumenshine, $70 pro shop credit
3rd, Macey Mortimore, $50 pro shop credit
4th, Tim Eller, $40 pro shop credit
Winner of "jr." division, Patrick Norunner - $40 pro shop credit
Team results:
1st, Shakespeare/Lytle/Hubbard/Dunlap - $200 team ($50/ea.) pro shop credit
2nd, Norunner/Juneau/Mortimore/Mortimore - $100 team
For complete Men's Day Results:
Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Day 16:
Well, July 11th brought another great, albeit somewhat rainy and thunderstorming, men's day.
Congratulations to Pat Harris, who had low gross round of the day with an outstanding one-under round of 71, and to Karl Florence, who had low net round of the day with a blistering 62.
For all other results:
Wednesday, July 18, 2018, Day 17:
Another great men's day is in the books!!
Congratulations to Gordon Terhune, with low gross score of the day of 74 and Darin Hubble who had low net score of the day with 66!!
Great playing, guys.
Men, please help spread the word, because pparently I am not doing a good enough job of letting everyone know:
I can get just about anything from any major brand, and unless you're buying it used, I can almost assuredly match the price you find online (for cash purchases only... I have no room for negotiation if you are using pro shop credit, which you can't use online or at Dick's anyway).
But anyway, folks just keep coming in with clubs, shoes, balls, etc. they found online and I wasn't even given a chance to match. This isn't a pity play, I believe that every member wants us to have a nice pro shop, and for that to happen, the members have to give the pro shop a chance at their business... Okay, enough about that.
Don't forget, next Wednesday is not only Stag Day, but it is also the Longest Day of Golf!! It should be a blast. It will be a 1:00 o'clock shotgun and Chris's last chance to really get us good.
See you then, and for the rest of today's results:
Wednesday, July 25, 2018, Day 18:
Well, by all accounts, other than a weather delay, Chris's final Longest Day was a success.
Thanks, everyone, for playing and sticking it out through the hail and lightning.
For complete results:  click HERE
Wednesday, August 1st, 2018, Day 18:
Another great Men's Day!!
Fun game, and the winners for low gross and low net are Gunnar Terhune (72) and Mike Martin (67)!
Great job, guys.
For complete results, Click Here
Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, Day 18:
Another great Wednesday at RCC!!
Congratulations to Ron Vosika for "hitting for the cycle", as he put it, on the par threes! He had a 1 a 2 a 3 and a 4! His hole in one came on #14. Congratulations, Ron!
As you look at the scores, you will see overlap between the winners for net and gross, and one cannot win both, so the actual winners are as follows:
1st Gross, Chris Pendergraft with 36 points ($70 pro shop credit)
1st Net, Ron Vosika with 42 points ($70 pro shop credit)
2nd Gross, Pat Harris with 30 points ($40)
2nd Net, Chris Linton with 40 points ($40)
3rd Gross, Travis Becker with 27 points ($20)
3rd Net, tie between Doyle Ward and Mike Martin ($10/ea.)
Deuces paid a whopping $10, and Ron got a double deuce for his ace, so he actually won $30 with an ace and a deuce, and Pat and Timmy Eller both had two deuces!
Skins, net and gross, paid $15.00 each.
Thanks for playing, and see you next week!!
For complete results, Click Here
Wednesday, August 15th, 2018, Day 19:
 Another great Wednesday is in the books.
Low Gross award ($10 pro shop credit) is split between Pat Harris and Nick Vosika, each of whom shot 75 today!
Low Net award goes to Steve Mossbrook, with a net 66!
Great job, guys!
For complete results, Click Here
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018, Day 20: 
Another great Wednesday!! Thanks everyone for playing.
Ron Vosika and Chris Pendergraft tied for the low round of the day with 75, and Mike Yowell was low net score of the day with 69! Great playing, men. Ron is a little disappointed, as he missed shooting his age (for the third time this year) by a shot.
Please remember that next Wednesday is Stag Day, so we will have a 1:00 p.m. shotgun. I'm looking forward to a great showing!
See you then, and for today's complete results, Click Here
Wednesday, August 29th, 2018, Day 21: 
Thanks again for another great Stag Day, which will be our last for 2018.
Today was "play your own ball", and because of the large turnout, I paid 5 spots gross and 5 spots net.
The Gross Winners are ($50, $40, $30, $20 and $10 each, same for Net):
Rick Paxton - 74
Pat Harris - 76
Ron Vosika - 76
Hollywood - 78
Nick Vosika - 79
Net Winners:
Mossy - 64 (gross 74, great round!)
Frank NoRunner - 69
Mike Yowell - 70
Randy Williams - 71
John Linton - 72
For deuce and skin results, Click Here
Wednesday, September 5th, 2018, Day 22: 
Another great Men's Day, where the weather was perfect and the golf was... well, okay, the weather was perfect!
It was a good day, it sounds like fun was had by all.
The game was Aggregate Stableford Points. I'm paying two places gross and two places net, worth $72/tm. for first and $48/tm. for second.
First place gross was Chris Linton and Rob Richards and second place gross goes to Chris Pendergraft and Mike Martin. (Derek David and Jim Conrad actually got second gross, but they are being paid for first net, as you will see below. Great job, guys!)
First place net goes to Derek David and Jim Conrad, and second place net goes to Travis Becker and Randy Williams!
Sadly, gross skins paid $10 and net skins paid $15. Deuces paid $30, as there were only five all day.
Thanks, guys, and we'll see you next week! 
For complete results, you'll have to come to the pro shop, because apparently 1-2-1 has changed their linking format, and what I've always done doesn't work anymore...
Wednesday, September 12th, 2018, Day 23: 
Another great Wednesday has come and gone.
Today's game was ABCD Nassau, and I'm paying first and second on each side (no total).
First place, low front, for $20 pro shop credit each, is the team of Ron Vosika, Mark Mathews, Brian Hauge and JJ Hernandez
Second place, low front, for $10 pro shop credit each, is the team of Loren Smith, Travis Becker, TIm Eller and Tom Youtz. 
First place, low back, also for $20 pro shop credit each, is the team of Derek David, Mel Wolf, Jim Jones and Terance Crippen
Second place, low back, for $5 each, as there was a tie, are the teams of:
Nick Vosika, Steve Johnson, Jim Conrad and Mike Martin and
Chris Linton, Phil Laue, Rob Richards and Mike Martin (we had to have one blind draw to make teams even, and Mike Martin was it!)
Deuces and skins are posted in the pro shop.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, Day 24: 
Congratulations on another great men's day! Thanks to everyone for continuing to play. We really appreciate the enthusiasm, and on Friday I will announce the four finalists for the match play announced at the beginning of the season, after 24 weeks. Thanks again to all of you for all of your participation, even if you couldn't make it all, or even most, of the weeks. 
This week's winning team, at -24, was Mossbrook, Laue, Hauge and Blumenshine, earning $32.00 apiece in pro shop credit.
Second place, at -20, was the team of Flanagan, Wolf, McGuffey and Keller, earning $21.00 each in pro shop credit.
And earning $10,00 each for pro shop credit, for third place at -19, was the team of Loren Smith, Kim Johnson, Richards and, you guessed it, Hauge (one of this week's two "blinds" to make the teams even).
Deuces paid a whopping $50.00 EACH, so congratulations to Derek David, Rob Richards and Ben Freedman!!
Gross skins, paying a measley $10.00 each, were won by Mossy and Randy (two each), Lars, Derek, Loren and Strom.
Net skins, paying $15.00 apiece, were won by Jim Conrad, Derek, Strom, Corte McGuffey, Randy and Rob Williams.
Thanks again for playing, and we'll see you next week.
Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, Day 25: 
Thank you again for another great men's day.
The foursomes are set for the end of season playoffs for the golf clubs. The brackets are up in the pro shop.
This week brought another great turnout, and the winners are as follows:
Pat Harris and Chris Pendergraft shared low gross honors ($50,00 each pro shop credit) with 75, and NIck Vosika ($20.00) was third with 78.
Ben Freedman had a great round to take low net honors ($60,00 pro shop credit) with a 66, followed closely by Charlie McFarland with a 67 ($40,00). Corte McGuffey was third with a 69 ($20.00).
There were only TWO DEUCES on the day, paying $70,00 each!! Congratulations Charlie and Chris!!
Gross skins again paid $10.00 and net skins again paid $15.00. Gross skin winners are Chris and Corte (2 each), Kim Johnson and Pat Harris. Net skin winners are Charlie, Don Strom, Randy Williams, Nick Vosika and Corte McGuffey.
Thanks for playing and we'll see you next week!
Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, Day 25: 
Congratulations on another great men's day, and I think the format was fun.
Team results:
1.  Tim Eller (45)/Brian Hauge (43) = 88 ($50.00 each, pro shop credit)
2.  Ben Freedman (54)/Mark White (32) = 86 ($30,00 each)
3.  Jim Conrad (45)/Phil Keller (39) = 84 ($20.00 each)
4.  Mel Wolf (46)/Don STrom (34) = 80
5.  Mel Wolf (46)/Mark White (32) = 78
6.  Rob Richards (39)/Charlie McFarland (38) = 77
7.  Ron Vosika (38)/Joe Stanbury (37) = 75
8.  Steve Mossbrook (38)/Kim Johnson (35) = 73
9.  Jon Cox (41)/Frank NoRunner (31) = 72
10.  Nick Vosika (36)/Terance Crippen (37) = 71
11.  Tim Eller(45)/Derek David (24) = 69
12.  Lee Steward (34)/Roger Eder (33) = 67
13,  Loren Smith (31)/Travis Becker (28) = 59
14.  Pat Harris (27)/Travis Becker (28) = 55
Deuces paid $50.00 each. Congratulations to Loren Smith and Mark White
Gross Skins paid $10.00 each. Congratulations to Ron Vosika (x2), Loren Smith, Nick Vosika, Pat Harris and Kim Johnson
Net Skins paid $20.00 each. Congratulations to Brian Hauge, Kim Johnson and Don Strom.
Thanks again for playing and we'll see you next week!
Wednesday, October 17th, 2018
Thanks to everyone for playing Men's Day in mid-October!!
The team winners were Frank NoRunner and Don Strom, winning $40 each in pro shop credit.
Second place was a four-way tie, with each player winning $15.00 in pro shop credit. Those teams were:
Joe Stanbury (as a blind) and Brad McPherson
Chris Pendergraft and Greg Juneau
Corte McGuffey and Phil Laue
Joe Stanbury and Timmy Eller
Gross skins paid $15, and were won by Loren Smith (x2), Chris Pendergraft and Mel Wolf
Net skins paid $25 each and were won by Brad McPherson, Greg Juneau and Joe Stanbury
Deuces paid $20 and were won by Chris Pendergraft, Mel Wolf, Doyle Ward, Nick Vosika, Rob Richards and Loren Smith.
Great job, guys, and thanks again for playing!
Wednesday, October 24th, 2018
Congratulations to the following winners on what may end up being our last Men's Day of 2018!!
Low Gross:  Loren Smith (74)  2nd Place: Melvin Wolf (76)  3rd Place: (Tie) Nick Vosika and Chris Pendergraft (79)
Low Net: Steve James (66) 2nd and 3rd Place Tie: Randy Williams and Kim Johnson (70)
Gross Skins were won by Cliff Root, Don Strom and Loren Smith
Net Skins were won by Steve James (x3), Cliff Root (x2) and Don Strom
Deuces were won by Brian Hauge, Don Strom, Doyle Ward, Mark Mathews, Melvin Wolf
Thanks for playing, and have a great week!
Wednesday, October 31st, 2018
We had a turnout of 16 for Halloween Day, 2018! Not Bad!
Winning team was Nick Vosika and Tim Eller at -14 ($40/ea.)
Second place was Loren Smith and Steve James at -12, ($20/ea.)
Third place was Chris Pendergraft and Phil Keller ($10/ea.)
The lone deuce was had by Nick Vosika 
Gross and net skins were worth $5/ea.
Gross skins were Loren Smith (x2), Chris Pendergraft, Derek David, Nick Vosika, Randy Williams and Ron Vosika
Net skins were Tim Eller (x3!!), Steve James (x2!!), Derek David and Phil Keller
Thanks for playing!!
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