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Men's Day

2019 Wednesday Men's Game

Hey Guys!
Check in here for weekly results!
April 4th, 2019:  For Results, click here:  rcc-mensdayapril42019.golfgenius.com
April 24th, 2019: For results, click here:  rcc-mensdayapril242019.golfgenius.com
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May 8th Men's Day. For Results, click herercc-mensdaymay82019.golfgenius.com 
May 11th Hogshead results, click herercc-hogsheadmay112019.golfgenius.com
Winners of each side got $20/ea., Deuces paid $10 and Roger Eder got a "double-deuce" for his hole-in-one!
May 15th Men's Day. For Results, click here:  rcc-mensdaymay15.golfgenius.com
May 18th Hogshead, for results here: rcc-hogsheadmay182019.golfgenius.com
 May 29th Men's Day. For results, click here: rcc-mensdaymay292019.golfgenius.com
June 1, 2019 Hogshead Results, click here: rcc-hogsheadjune12019.golfgenius.com
June 5, 2019, Men's Day Results:
Pat Harris won Gross Stableford with 30 points, Nick Hopkins was second with 28 points and Mel Wolf was third with 26 points.
Derek David won Net Stableford with 46 points, Lee Stewart was second with 44 points and Mark Mathews was third with 42 points.
I couldn't put the amounts won in Golf Genius because it would've given Nick net credit, also. So anyway, the winners get $75 each pro shop credit, with second place finishers getting $45 ea. and third place finishers getting $30 each.
For complete results, click here: rcc-mensdayjune52019.golfgenius.com
June 12th, 2019 Men's Day. For Complete Results, Click Here:  rcc-mensdayjune122019.golfgenius.com
June 26th, 2019 Men's Day. For Complete Results, Click Here:  rcc-mensdayjune262019.golfgenius.com 
 July 3rd, 2019 Men's Day. For Complete Results, Click Here: rcc-mensdayjuly32019.golfgenius.com
July 10th, 2019 Men's Day. The leaderboards here aren't accurate, as one cannot win both gross and net. Therefore, the game winners are:
Gross: Pat Harris 1st ($80), Loren Smith 2nd ($60), Chris Pendergraft 3rd ($40) and Derek David/Josh Graham/Nick Vosika/Steve Mossbrook T4 ($5 ea.).
Net: Roger Eder 1st ($80), Joe Stanbury 2nd ($60), Phil Keller 3rd ($40) and Travis Becker 4th ($20).
For all results, including deuces and skins, click here: rcc-mensdayjuly102019.golfgenius.com
 July 17th, 2019 Men's Day. For Complete Results, Click Here: rcc-mensdayjuly172019.golfgenius.com
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