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Corporate Team Building

The Business and Golf Team Building Experience by Bernie Blan, PGA 

The Business and Golf Team Building Experience is a cost-effective way to take a fresh look at how you, your teammates and employees operate, reinforce teamwork and build morale. Using golf as a learning medium, this highly interactive, experiential program takes a unique and powerful approach to team building—allowing participants to perform at their best, no matter what the playing field.

Who should attend?

Any individuals, small business, non-profit or corporate teams who want to learn ways to improve their performance, work more effectively with each other, and have fun learning how.

Any prerequisites?

Previous golf experience is not necessary. In fact, novice golfers contribute significantly to the team’s learning and growth.

After completing this course, you will be able to;

•think and work differently.
•break down barriers between staff.
•lead staff and colleagues into working as a team.
•work together in competitive situations.
•feel a new sense of responsibility toward your company and your co-workers.

How it works?

First, Bernie will talk to you about your needs and situation, and review any messages you’d like to get across to your team. Then, he will customize each engagement to meet your needs.

The evening
 starts off with an instructional entertainment demonstration, to lighten the mood and get people laughing. Then you’ll head out to the golf course and play 5 holes. But this isn’t your everyday game of golf! Each hole will have its own unique challenges, and each team will have to figure out how best to complete each one.

Once all 5 holes are played, the groups come back together to review and analyze what they did, and how they did it. Participants will be able to draw parallels between the way they worked together on the course and ways they can work together back at the office.  

Call Bernie today to get more information about how to get your team out to Riverton Country Club and have some fun! 307.856.4779 


4275 Country Club Drive, Riverton, WY 82501
(307) 856-4779